Sunsets on the Isle Mull


The Hall of Steel

Could be the inside of a futuristic Spaceship The Hall of Steel at The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds
The largest mass display of arms and armour created since the 19th century. A vertical view taken look up the interior of the tower.

That's a great photo.

“Great shot! What camera was that?" It's not the camera you use.

I am sure you’ve heard this before, but contrary to popular belief, the camera doesn’t make the image. YOU do. You don’t need to upgrade your equipment just to run with the big dogs, and top-of-the-line gear isn’t carte blanche to the photographer’s Hall of Fame. So be proud to carry your favorite camera into the field. As long as you know what all the buttons do and have a grasp of fundamental principles, you’ve got everything you need to take an awesome photo—like the above shot, taken with a Canon M3, fixed 22mm lens, point-and-shoot.

Beached Wood in Thailand

Driftwood on a beach on a small island off the Thailand coast. Sun-bleached and dry.


America 1987 to 1994 A folio of photographs taken in America from 1987 to 1994. The photographic images were taken on 35mm black & white film and printed on fine art bromide paper. In those times photographers use film which was light sensitive and processed to make negatives which were then used to make photographic prints. Using a Nikon FM2 with a variety of lenses, Chris traveled across the USA from California to New York, to Belfast in Main to New Orleans in the deep south taking photographs along the way. Once back in the UK Chris set about making the images in his darkroom, processing the film and making a selection of images to print. The largest print that can be made using the photographic enlarger is 20x24 inches and made using fiber-based double weight bromide paper. The original prints are for sale and can still be produced today in Chris's darkroom in Stockton on Tees. Here is a selection of the photographs on show at the digital gallery. Contact Chris for sales …

Spring Sing 2020

Gateshead and South Tyneside Music Education Hub in partnership with Sage Gateshead presents Spring Sing 2020. Recognising the 40th Anniversary of the Great North Run. The performances are the culmination of weeks of rehearsals with 30 Gateshead & South Tyneside schools coming together for this one performance. Photography commission for Gateshead Council.